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innovative with advanced technologies

Insist on innovation.

Gulf Polyester Powder Coating Company also know in its Commercial name ALWAN was established in in 1993 in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company became operational with manufacturing of thermosetting Powder Coating. From our beginning we focused on what we should do.

Alwan Co. has adopted the principle of continuous development in the work strategies in line with the development of local, regional and global quality standards for working and living environment by utilizing its strategic partnership with Canadian Protech Group (one of the most well-known powder coating manufacturers in the world).


Our Mission

Provide the highest quality and most efficient powder coating products to ensure the highest levels of clients’ satisfaction at all times.

Our Vision

To become the world's leading national company, producing and supplying the highest quality powder coating products, while ensuring the highest health and safety standards in our working environments and communities.


The highest-quality products

Our ultimate goal is to provide high quality products to our clients. With our wide variety of colors and surface finish of powder coatings, we follow and enforce best practice to deliver high quality products and services

Our Objectives

Expand the local and global client’s base.

Attract the most advanced global technology.

Maximize the role of scientific research and sustainable development.

Integrate environmental factors into work decision-making.

Our Values

Discipline and responsibility are the most important morality of our human resources

Implement the highest health and safety standards in all work environments.

Integrate the duties of the supply chain teams to improve performance and maximize the impact of achievement.

Develop sales channels to increase returns beyond expectations.

Use the most advanced marketing strategies.

Support digital transformation with the most advanced global procedures, software, and technologies.

Adhere to the highest quality and perfection standards in all operational and production channels of work.